Throughout my time at the University of Pittsburgh, I have pursued a variety of research and volunteering experiences that have broadened my perspective about the world. When I first started at Pitt, I began my education with the intention of being a biology major and being extremely fascinated specifically with cellular biology. Hence, I pursued research opportunities with Dr. Kashlan’s lab my freshman and sophomore years.

However, as the years have gone by, I gradually became more interested in public and global health, and I became very involved with Global Brigades, an on-campus organization at Pitt. I have also volunteered for UPMC in several different capacities, as well as with the Hospice volunteering program to expand my understanding of medicine and demonstrate my commitment to becoming a a physician.


  • Organization: Hospice Volunteer Program, VA Pittsburgh
  • Date: Fall 2018-Spring 2020
  • Role: I worked as part of a team comprised of nurses, doctors, CNAs, chaplains, social workers, and other volunteers to provide care, respite and support to patients receiving palliative care through Hospice. Through this program, I have also completed 16 hours of Hospice training and have had a wonderful community of support shaped by monthly Resource and Reflection meetings.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

  • Laboratory: Kashlan Lab, Pitt Renal-Electrolyte-Dept. of Medicine
  • Date: Summer 2017-Summer 2018
  • Role: I started as an intern in this lab during the summer of 2017, where I began investigating how bile acids activate the sodium epithelial channel as a part of my own research project. During my sophomore year, I continued expanded work on this project as part of my laboratory team as an employed research assistant, using electrophysiology lab bench research techniques, such as conducting whole-cell two-electrode voltage clamp recordings.