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Seohyun Janice Im

Hi everybody! My name is Janice Im, and I am a senior pursuing a sociology major, a chemistry minor, with a Global Studies certificate on the Health and Wellness track with plans to graduate April of 2020 at the University of Pittsburgh.

Through pursuing my Global Studies certificate, I have become extremely passionate about health inequities, access to health care, and serving the underserved communities within a global context. My understanding of these subject areas has been greatly enhanced by learning both within and outside the classroom. Whenever possible, I have channeled lingering questions or frustrations into productive research pursuits, such as exploring barriers to accessing mental health care services for indigenous women who have experienced domestic violence in Ecuador.

My dream in the future is to attend medical school and become a physician who can bridge the gap between medicine and public health, serve within global health contexts, and continue to fight for ways to make health care more accessible to underserved communities. However, I hope that no matter where I go, I can continue the thread of global studies and learning that I have started at Pitt. I am an extremely curious learner, and am continuously stumbling upon new global health topics that I am interested in. For example, through my senior year coursework, I have become newly interested in the history of global drugs, and also the health care needs of refugees and migrants who are a part of the massive global migration crisis today.



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  • 20202016


    Global Studies Certificate: Health and Well-being

  • 7/14/196/1/19

    Study Abroad

    Napo, Ecuador

    Co-Curricular Engagements

    • Campus Chairperson

      University of Pittsburgh Global Brigades

      Fall 2016 - Spring 2020

    • Volunteer

      Hospice Volunteer Program, VA Pittsburgh

      Fall 2018 - Spring 2020

    • Volunteer

      Global Public Health Brigades

      May 2017, May 2018

    • Peer Mentor

      University Honors College

      Fall 2018

    • First Year Council Member

      Student Government Board

      Spring 2017

    Awards and Achievements

    • 2016-2020
      University of Pittsburgh Full Tuition Scholarship
    • Spring 2019
      Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Scholarship
      I was awarded a $2500 stipend by one of the University of Pittsburgh Nationality Room Scholarships to carry out my own independent, IRB-approved research study in Ecuador as an addition to my study abroad.
    • Spring 2019
      University of Pittsburgh Honors College: THINK Research Fellowship
      I was awarded a $1000 stipend to carry out an independent project: “Understanding the Barriers in Accessing Reproductive Healthcare for Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violenceā€.
    • Summer 2017
      University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Summer Undergraduate Research Program
      I was awarded a $3000 stipend to conduct NIH-funded research on the epithelial sodium channel in the collecting duct of the kidney.
    • April 2019
      Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society: Xi Chapter