My broad range of professional experiences has offered me valuable insights into diverse work environments and contributed to the development of many practical skills. Through the many positions I have I held I enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills, honed my research and writing techniques, and acquainted myself with and excelled in the demands of a fast-paced work environment.

I have worked in many positions that required me to collaborate effectively with a group, but also in environments where I was expected to work independently and display self-initiative with little active top-down guidance. I am comfortable working across these distinct environments and have learned to be flexible and adaptable.

I am particularly enthusiastic about my internship with the U.S. Commercial Service because it gave me the opportunity to apply many of the skills and knowledge I have acquired through my studies to an international trade setting. It exposed me to work being performed at the intersection of markets and politics, and it gave me insight into a career with the federal government. The work I performed included conducting market research alongside Senior Trade Specialists, which directly utilized my knowledge of international markets. It also required a firm understanding of developments in international trade like the tariffs that were placed by President Trump and the retaliatory tariffs from countries that responded to them. This experience gave me the opportunity to apply the skills I learned in an academic setting to real world contexts.

My work and internship positions have exposed me to diverse work environments ranging from educational settings, to community organizations, to the federal government. My experiences have helped reaffirm my professional goals of pursuing a career in global affairs at the intersection of politics and economics.

-Conduct market research and compile reports to inform strategic market export plan for clients

-Assist Senior Trade Specialists in counseling local companies to promote exports

-Support trade events relating to Indo-Pacific strategic focus by creating promotional materials

-Consistently provide professional and engaging service in recruitment efforts

-Coordinate 90 class visits per semester to promote Global Studies Center’s programs and opportunities

-Assist administrators in developing and executing programing for enrolled students

-Develop a workshop focusing on equitable access to employment for Inclusive Innovation Week

-Analyze employment statistics to identify potential fields to focus on for workforce development program

-Prepare housing policy brief to present to city residents and city officials

-Advise approximately twenty students per year on transitioning to college life

-Develop constructive programming to acclimate students to campus

-Assess and evaluate opportunities on campus appropriate for freshmen to participate in

-Coordinate logistics for 40 students on programs to cultural events throughout Pittsburgh

-Demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills with both students and staff at arts organizations

-Maintain flexibility to adapt to challenging or unpredictable circumstances on programs

-Supervised 9 students attending a residential academic camp on international studies
-Programmed events and activities for 60 students to participate in outside of class to foster community
-Assisted administrators and students on global-oriented academic projects

-Demonstrate interpersonal interviewing skills to acquire relevant information for writing articles

-Demonstrate analytical writing skills to create publishable articles

-Ability to work effectively under short-term time constraints and deadlines

-Conducted secondary literature review for professor’s research project on Liberian diaspora community

-Manipulated and displayed official United States immigration and refugee data

-Designed poster and presented research at university research symposium