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  1. As you know, the goal of any website is to increase the number of visitors and organic traffic. However, some websites may face the problem of reduced site traffic and reduced traffic, which in this article we will discuss the common reasons.
    Visits can have different meanings for different sites. For example, for media sites, traffic can be a source of advertising revenue, or for salespeople and e-commerce owners, traffic means direct sales of products. Some sites may have no products to sell, or it may be a win for them to increase their content traffic.
    But in general, it does not matter what your goal is to launch the site, in all cases, the traffic is equal to the customer, and the higher the number, the more customers and sales will increase. The criterion for ranking search engines is the traffic of a website, and as the traffic of a site increases, its ranking also increases. We suggest you read the guide to increase high converting traffic to your site and blog.
    Therefore, when the number of visits to your site decreases, the site ranking will most likely change, and you will face a decrease in site traffic. As a digital marketer, SEO expert, webmaster and… you can look into the problem and see how you can get things back on track. In this article, we will provide 22 reasons to reduce website traffic so that you can solve the problem and get a great ranking in search engine

  2. Each ad has its own purpose. In copywriting, we try to find the best way to convey the message to the audience by coming up with an idea to achieve this goal. So to make the customer feel the need to identify the target audience ( Targeted web visitors ); the importance of product and communication mechanisms. This message transfer can be text, video, or a combination of both. At best, copywriters and designers work together as a team to produce creative / persuasive content.