Blog Post #14: India, Stephen Alter 5/14/19

Today we listened to a lecture on pilgrimage and urbanization in the Himalayas by Stephen Alter. A key point that was reiterated was the major diversity of the region, literally and metaphorically, in terms of cultures, biology, climate, and customs. A major contributor to health in particular is maintaining this biodiversity. However, urbanization and the resulting tourism is decreasing this. Biodiversity mainly depends on the high mountains where moisture accumulates during monsoon season. These reservoirs of ice release water throughout the rest of the year for people to use all over the country. With increased global warming and its resulting increase in rates of glacial melting, this flow of water supply becomes unstable and unpredictable for the people of India and the biodiversity of the land is decreased. In addition, with increasing tourism for religious, leisure, or adventure purposes, the land is heavily influenced in a negative way by increased human interaction. Near temples visited by enormous numbers of people, plants are tread down and diversity decreases. This influences the resources available to local people, especially those in small villages. 

I found the most interesting part of Stephen Alters lecture to be the emphasis in relationship between the environment and religion. In a country of so many religions and a destination of religious tourism, the beliefs of how religion plays into the land influences how people in turn treat the land. The same goes for the stories that people believe in the original formation of landforms and other environmental phenomenon. This deep tie between spirituality and nature can be beneficial as we learned about the Chipko “tree-hugging movement”. However, with increased urbanization and westernization people have begun to lose their tie to spirituality and nature and the results lead to a decrease in compassion and dedication to protecting the land. In summary of this point, I understand that India, a generally spiritual country, the connections between religion and environmental protection can be positive or negative, but the additional tie between health and the environment is also influenced. In essence, one factor cannot be influenced without the other: the environment, religion, and health are inherently linked and co-dependent which makes considerations of each extremely important for the well-being of this country.

In terms of pilgrimage, in his own experience, Stephen Alter traveled with pilgrims into Tibet to get around the restrictions marked by the Chinese government. Pilgrimage is typically a way for people travel to an area that has spiritual or moral significance to their lives. The vast number and diversity of temples and religious sanctuaries in India and China is why we see many people moving between the Chinese and Indian border. Due to the large population sizes of both countries, people will follow the spiritual resources they require for a prosperous life. This sort of movement can also be done into areas that offer more economic, political, and health-related opportunities. Any type of migration introduces changes in each of these areas, so not only do people experience spiritual renewal but possible improvement in other areas of life. 

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