Blog Post #11: India, Trek Day 2 5/10/19

Today was the second day of the trek in which we traveled to our second camp site and hiked to the peak of Nag Tibba. Our discussion mainly pertained to controlling and maintaining the health of the forests as this impacts the health of the surrounding community. Akshay discussed the idea of controlled burning today. Controlled burning, also called hazard reduction burning. works to intentionally set a fire that will clear away an area of forest to reveal soil that can support farming. People in charge of initiating this type of burning often feel that the land where forests now stand could be used in a more productive way, and is thought to be a form of restoration that works to manage the forests in a way that makes them useful to the communities around them. 

In a specific case, we discussed how there are negative impacts from controlled burning in that the plants that come back after the burning are not as nutrient dense. The plants that come back are the hardier, less nutritious varieties that don’t support the livestock to the level necessary to yield products the community needs. For example, the cows that feed on these grasses do not produce enough milk. With this deficit in milk content, the communities have less milk to incorporate into their diets and those who own the cows do not have enough milk to sell to collect income. These negative impacts with once positive intentions are often overseen in the beginning. Since the people in the community rely so heavily on nearby forests and natural resources, these consequences must be heavily considered when making decisions such as whether or not to instill controlled burning. From my personal viewpoint, sitting at the top of Nag Tibba, and seeing literal proof of forest fires in the singed tree trunks, it is hard to imagine that any type of burning of forests would be productive. Although utilization of land is important, it must be insured that that land will be fertile and healthy enough to actually result the intended positive impact. 

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