Blog Post #10: India, Trek Day 1 5/9/19

Today we began our trek which began in a very tiny village made up of only a few buildings. The size and remoteness of this village had me thinking about the influences of construction of roads on these people living in the Himalayas and the downfalls and benefits of road development. We took a three-hour drive to this location where we began our trek and I observed that there were few additional roads in sight. This led me to believe that the road we took was the major avenue of transportation for people living in the villages we passed through to get to larger towns with more resources. We also discussed the influence of natural weather events and the nature of the land impacting existing and further development of roads. Due to the youngness of the mountain range and its continuous rising, it is difficult to develop roads that would make travel for villagers easier. Just as well, the seismic activity of the land and its active nature in general cause constant changes in land formation that can destroy existing roads or prevent the proper construction of new, safe roads. Examples of this include the risk of landslips by the gradual movement of tectonic plates. 

The construction of roads would positively impact those living in the Himalayas by providing faster, more direct routes to different regions where doctors and products that they need access to can be found. Not to mention, job prospects may lie far from their homes, so roads are a great way to enhance the possibility of transportation for these people to experience economic and health improvement. However, the actual construction of these roads can be both destructive to the environment and to daily functioning of people that need to work around the actual construction of the roads. The building of roads in this type of environment requires extra care and engineering to make them safe, but since there are limited roads at this point, traffic will increase making transportation more difficult until the construction is actually completed. 

Another factor is that of governmental concern in road construction. There is a ridge on the mountain between China and India that the Indian government wants to build a road on to establish a border. However, the tectonic activity at this area prevents this as it would be very unstable. This presents a conflict in the threat of China inching over onto the Indian side, but the land does not allow for safe construction of such a structure. Not only is citizen-level health and livelihood influence by road-construction, but international relations are affected in certain situations of road establishment.

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