Blog Post #1: Shanghai, China 1/16/18

As listed on the WHO fact sheet, sanitation facilities are increasing in number in China. However, as this photo shows, not all areas of China have seen this increase, even those that are within its booming megacities. Being in Shanghai, it seems to be an exceptionally clean metropolis. However, going into this lower-income, condensed living area I was shocked to see litter, as I had quickly become accustomed to the spotless metro and popular streets.

At the marriage market a certain umbrella caught my eye with a healthcare logo “Oppo: support your healthy lifestyle”. I did some research and found that this is an Orthopedic company that was established in Seattle and has products in over 60 countries & 5 continents. I thought this related to our readings in the influence of Western countries and the distribution of its health care products to others. The United States seems to have found its way into China’s health care system though we are so used to products moving in the other direction as imports of the US. Additionally, the slogan is characteristic of global health plans and what is currently needed to avoids NCDs. 

Looking at the 10 facts on the state of global health, it has been found that Diabetes is among the top 10 causes of death worldwide. In this photo not only is this highlighted as there is a Pizza Hut right next to a KFC, but it is also a bit ironic that both are directly next to a pharmacy. Diabetes in China is becoming an increasingly widespread and worrisome problem, so this is interesting to see and proof of what may be contributing to the issue. Additionally, this goes to show that the United States has a negative influence on the health of other countries. These brands originating in the US are becoming universal unhealthy eating choices which are now more and more available to individuals.

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