I entered Pitt as a biology major on the Pre-med track, but I quickly came to realize my passion for international issues and global health concerns. Specifically, I have come to understand the implications that health concerns can have on political, social, economic, and cultural spheres within different communities around the world. If we acknowledge how these influences vary by location, we can reply with appropriate aid and solutions to these issues. These interests grew through multidisciplinary coursework, volunteering with many organizations with different purposes, traveling abroad, and participating in multiple college activities and clubs. These experiences have shaped my future drive into one of helping underserved populations reach good health as a way to improve their livelihoods in more domains than just the physical and mental.

As I move forward with my natural sciences degree, global health and well-being certificate, and conceptual foundation of medicine certificate, I hope to continue exploring my interests in both medicine and global issues. To do this, I am in the middle of preparing for Peace Corps service as a Community Health and Youth Services Promoter in Mozambique, Africa. After service, I hope to pursue either a masters in public health or achieve a physicians assistant certification. Although my plans are not set in stone, I am determined to utilize my passion to make a difference in human health conditions somewhere in the world.