I have been a member of Yinzling, Pitt’s undergraduate linguistics club, for all four years of my time at Pitt. In the past three years, I have been Yinzling’s Business Manager, President, and Secretary (Fall 2019 semester only). During My junior year, I was the President. As President, I created a bi-weekly academic paper discussion group and co-organized presentations from Pitt Linguistics professors.


I also updated our website: https://pittyinzling.weebly.com/. Check it out!

My involvement with Yinzling has allowed me to connect to other students in my major and learn more about different languages here at Pitt and across the world.


For the past two years, I have been a member of PyLing, Pitt’s Python Linguistics club. PyLing has helped me increase my computational linguistics skills and make connections in the Pittsburgh linguistics community. Many of the attendees are graduates, now working in the industry or in academic roles. Through PyLing, I have learned more about using linguistics in real world applications.