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I’m Eva Bacas ([ivʌ bækɪs]), a recent Pitt grad with a Bachelor of Philosophy in Linguistics and International and Area Studies (Global Studies track), concentrating in Cultural Dynamics. I minored in Quechua, an indigenous language spoken in the Andes region of South America. My Quechua studies took me to Cochabamba, Bolivia, where I researched phonetic variation among bilingual speakers of Quechua and Spanish. This research turned into my thesis, Sociophonetic Variation in Bolivian Quechua Uvular Stops, which I defended in Fall 2019.

In the future, I hope to pursue a career in academia. In my time at Pitt, I’ve had the chance to work as both a researcher and an educator. I’m passionate about creating and sharing knowledge, especially in accessible and Open Access ways. My research interests are sounds, sociolinguistics, and natural language processing. Currently, I’m looking for opportunities to continue exploring the intersection of language and technology, in industry or in academia. Reach out on LinkedIn!


BPhil thesis:


  • 20192016


    Linguistics, International and Area Studies (Global Studies)

  • 20192016



  • 20182018

    Study Abroad

    Cochabamba, Bolivia

Co-Curricular Engagements

Awards and Achievements

  • Summer 2019
    FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) Summer Fellowship, Indiana University Bloomington
    Funded continued language study of Quechua in Cochabamba, Bolivia. For more about the award, see here.